The Camping Playa di Valverde is situated in the middle of the Park of Ticino, the place rich of fascination where the majesty of the Nature enjoys the role of the primary importance. From October of 2002 the parks of the valley of Ticino have become a part of the Reserves of the Biosphere protected by the UNESCO – MAB (UNESCO – Man and Biosphere). Inside the park of Ticino there are many cycle tracks that give a chance to ride by the spreading fields on the marked routes letting the wind caress You hair and where the silence could be interrupted just by You joyful laugh. Don’t lose a chance to unite to this paradise of untouched nature and to explore the flora and the fauna of the area. In our Information Center You can find the detailed explanations and information brochures about the places to visit and the sightseeing tours. As an alternative You can find out more studying the routes on this link:

The Camping Playa di Valverde offers to its visitors with a supply from the association “Amici del Ticino” (Friends of Ticino) the canoe rent, that gives an opportunity to have great sightseeing tours on the river Ticino, with its magnificent bays rich of various vegetation and numerous beaches. So You can get a unique experience to observe the nature closely and at the same time practice one of the most beautiful sports on rivers and lakes. Not far away from the Camping, for the more adventurous there is a rafting possibility on the river of Ticino. We offer You some maps about the routes in canoe on the river. For more information You can contact the Associazione Amici del Ticino which has its information point also inside our Camping.

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The maps that are offered here are taken from the publication “Il Ticino in Canoa” (Ticino in canoe) by the Consorzio Piemontese Parco Naturale della Valle del Ticino and Consorzio Parco Lombardo della valle del Ticino.

The sandbanks of the river Ticino in the Loreto locality were a territory of the gold-diggers some decades ago. Today the tradition has almost disappeared. There are just few nostalgic who continue digging in the sandbanks hoping to find some piece of gold. Who knows, it could be one of our Camping visitors to find a piece of fortune while having a walk by the river. One thing is sure, having a walk by the river will give You and emotion to keep as a real treasure. For more information visit the web-site and the section dedicated to the gold digging in Ticino.

Inside the Park of Ticino in the variety of activities we would like to point out the possibility of fishing on the river and horse riding. Those who are keen on forest flora and fauna can rather practice trekking and biking on the wonderful routes marked by the Park of Ticino. There is also a possibility to book the bicycles directly inside the Camping. For those who are keen on game fishing few minutes away from the Camping Playa di Valverde there is a “New Lago Maggiore” with its fishing perimeter of 1500 meters, for more information visit:

The route to discover the beauties of the art of Galliate start from the castle which is one of the most important monument of the territory of Novara for its architectural beauty and for its impressiveness and the integrity of the structure. There are many facts, legends and fantastic stories that are connected to the castle and that have created a halo full of fascination and mistery around the castle. For more information, please visit the site of the Municipality of Galliate:

The Old Mill is a concrete prove of the relation between a man and the river. The Old Mill of Bellinzago Novarese is the only one still in function among many watermills constructed in the Valley of Ticino. Bought in the 1985 by the Park of Ticino it has become the Regional Centre of Environmental Education. In the Mill it is possible to admire the antique cartography and historical documentation in addition to rural equipment of the passed ages. The hall of the millstone is the most charming part of the whole complex. You can dip into the fabulous atmosphere of the old Mill forgetting the present time.

On the territory of the municipality of Cameri You can visit a marvellous Vedro Forest. Inside the Forest there is one of offices of two centres for research of the migrating birds. In the Forest there is also an Otter Centre. The Otter is the species that in Italy has a high risk of extinction therefore the centre studies the otters in captivity with an aim to reintroduce them in the Valley of Ticino.

To discover trees, flowers, fauna, a little lake and really perfumed botanical path it is a great place in the quarry that has been returned to the nature and which is looked after by the Association “Amici del Bosco di Bellinzago” (“Friends of the Bellinzago Forest”). You can visit the Area exclusively with a free guide and by booking the visit contacting the Park of Ticino or the Association Amici del Bosco di Bellinzago Novarese, if requested, our personal will book the guided visit for You.

The Morimondo Abbey is a little abbey few km from Milan that is very easily reachable for the visitors of the Camping Playa di Valverde. Morimondo is an example of the Cistercian architecture that is already evolved towards the Gothic style. The Morimondo Abbey is much bigger than the usual abbeys. The majesty of the Morimondo Abbey comes from its total essentiality and the sense of order of the visual bricks.

Vigevano is one the towns of the province of Pavia located completely in the Park of Ticino, it is situated on the right shore of the river blue. The most ancient part of the town is dated from the Middle Ages. There are different structures to see: the Church of Sant Pietro Martire founded in 1445, the Church of S.Francesco built in far 1379, Piazza Ducale, Castle Castello Sforzesco and the Palace of San Severino. The Camping Playa di Valverde is only few km from the town Vigevano.

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