In the distance of a bit more than 30 km for the Camping Playa di Valverde You can reach the Lake Maggiore and all it's sightseeing spots. You will find Strea, the famous locality with its popular places: Arona and the Colosso of San Carlo, Macugnaga, the mine of Gold of Guja, the village of Orta and its island, botanical gardens of Intra, in Cignese You can see a museum that is unique in the world: The Museum of Umbrella. There are really many attractions that offers the Lake Maggiore. The tourist journey “Lago Maggiore Express” offers a great opportunity to pass a day first on the boat over the whole Lake Maggiore from Stresa to Locarno and after the Valley Vigezzo on the board of a comfortable miniature train of the Centovalli. For detailed information You can visit the web site:

Island Bella: constructed in the Barocco style with its Palace of the 600 and wonderful gardens.

Island Madre: is the biggest of the 3 islands of the Lake Maggiore and it is totally covered by an English garden.

Island of the Fishermen (or Superiore): it is called so for the occupation of its ancient inhabitants. The Island is very famous for its little restaurants on the shore of the lake.

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